Our team

Our team is a group of ambitious, young people, who love their job and always try to do their best. The biggest motivation for us is the challenge itself. The key members of our team are:

Roland Vanyek

Project manager

+421 918 760 065 rvanyek@cstudios.sk

Erik Putz

Application Designer

+421 918 362 403 erik@cstudios.sk

Juraj Nagy



Tomáš Kubovič



Attila Tánczos



Erik Bognár



One man will not make the show go. Every project requires its specialists. If you want to get to the internet, you need a good team. You can not fly and navigate at the same time!


"If you want to be a professional racer, you need to know your vehicle to its details." - this is our motto while developing our products. We use key technology to realize our projects, which are essential in web development. This allows us to have 100% control of what we are doing.

Sputnik was the first satellite to fly around the Earth. During its flight on 4th October 1957 it was constantly signalizing a pulsative signal being detected all around the world. After the discharge of the battery (after 21 days) Sputnik piped down and after three months it got burnt in the atmosphere. It was the beginning of a "competition for space" so it is important to remember its existence.